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$10.00 - Handwritten Lyrics Lyrics to one of my songs (or any I guess) in my bad handwriting. With a single release coming a the end of August, Jacob will be unveiling “HSJ 2020,” a collection of music and corresponding video games (yes video games) highlighting his continued growth as an artist. The artwork for this new set of singles was the brainchild of HighSchool Jaco and Jack Herzog who based the stye on vintage video game advertising. With the all encompassing force of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting quarantine the HSJ team realized that everyone could use some video games to play while life struggles to get back to normal and worked to develop the games that the artwork was already advertising. Each single will be released with a flash game that will be available to play for free on the HighSchool Jacob website in order to pay homage to Jacob’s favorite hobby (other than music) and give his audience a chance to further dive into the world and ideas contained in the songs.
$20.00 - Early Access to new HSJ games Early access to the games I am releasing with my new music!
$40.00 - Production and song tutorial. A personal look inside my DAW sessions and tutorials on how to play and create an HSJ song of your choice.
$20.00 - Virtual Coffee Coffee with me!
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