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$5.00 - "Pops" HUGE Pin "Pops" Pin: this image was hand drawn by Alie's mother, of her passed away father, whom BYLAND's first record was entirely dedicated to.
$15.00 - Pink Cotton "Pops" Button Up - Women’s M/L Each of our merch shirts are thrifted and washed, therefore “previously worn and imperfect”. It will be sold “as is”, but definitely CLEAN...because...covid..and because we should wear clean things. We wanted to repurpose used clothing in an effort to reduce the amount of crap that goes into landfills each year. Thank you for partnering with us in caring for the earth! Tie this baby in the front to fit most sizes.
$30.00 - Virtual Coffee With Alie Byland (front-woman of BYLAND) Let's hang out and talk about how beautiful life is...and how tough it can be. I'm pretty friendly and open minded. Truly, music should bring people together. We could also play a board game, OR swap playing songs for each other. <3 I might even share songs off the new record with you...that haven't been heard anywhere else!
$25.00 - Handwritten Lyrics from your favorite BYLAND song I have pretty alright handwriting, and would absolutely love to paint a little something for you underneath the lyrics.
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