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$40.00 - Virtual coffee with the artists! We'll even mail you a mug for everyday use!
$20.00 - Signed lyrics We'll send you a personalized copy of our lyrics for Gypsies!
$20.00 - Personalized video message Celebrate a special occasion with a sung happy birthday, etc!
$30.00 - Video Instruction on a particular song Chris and you will have a discounted virtual hang/lesson to learn some of his music or music of your choice (just don't ask him to teach you Bach on guitar, please!)
$30.00 - Virtual Voice instruction Have a discounted session with Elizabeth (aka The Song Healer) to learn her secrets of voice control and activation!
$1.00 - GET 10% off on our merch! We'll send you our discount code for 10% off any of our merch!
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